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Intra-city freight market: Popular "Internet-ride" in urban freight

In recent years, the freight industry has also begun to learn from the online car rental model and achieved rapid development. A few days ago, the Ministry of Transport held a ministerial meeting and pointed out that it is necessary to promote the solution of the deep-rooted contradictions and problems accumulated over the years by the road freight industry through the development of network freight, so that more freight companies can enjoy the sweetness of "Internet +" efficient logistics.

How is the response of the freight market network? What are the problems? What should we do in the future?

▎Moving and Carrying " Car Online "

Not long ago, Mr. Song, who was working in Beijing, was preparing to move due to the expiration of his lease. However, he encountered a lot of troubles during the move. On the one hand, he lived in the old residence for a long time, and there were many things in the house. On the other hand, traditional moving companies generally use large vans. The price of one truck is not low, and it is not cost-effective to hire large trucks multiple times.

In order to solve this problem, Mr. Song has tried to move by taxi, driving a car in China. However, money has not been spent, and the move has been slow. "Later, after a friend's recommendation, I made an appointment for a medium-sized passenger and freight car on the market, and the price was relatively affordable, which solved the moving problem." Mr. Song said.

Similar to Mr. Song's experience, Deng Meichen, who works in Zhengzhou, also said that when he moved, he called a car to pull goods from an online freight platform. "Now, it's very convenient to make an appointment on the Internet in the field of freight movement. You only need to fill in the address, select the model, and note the cargo information to place an order for a car. Sometimes it can be called by phone. Almost, it is very convenient to be able to make an appointment in advance for the time and model. "Deng Meichen said.

Is it easy to operate the freight network? When I open a freight app, I can see detailed introductions of different models on the homepage, such as "Small bread truck weighs 800 kg, length, width and height 1.8 × 1.2 × 1.1 meters, cargo volume 2.4 cubic meters,” etc., users can choose according to their needs Car models.

Same city freight

The bottom of the interface also provides price standards for different models and different distances, such as starting prices of 30 yuan for small vans and 56 yuan for medium vans. The platform will estimate the total price on the interface based on the distance entered by the user and the model selected. .

On the marketplace, as long as you enter keywords such as "freight van" and "moving", dozens of related information and contact information of companies and individuals appear. Users can leave a message online or directly call for consultation and appointment.

It is understood that many young people in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places are now accustomed to calling cars and pulling goods through such online freight platforms. According to the data released by the online freight platform "Cargo Lala", as of January 2019, the total number of registered users of Cargo Lala's platform has reached 28 million and more than 3 million registered drivers. New ways of booking freight networks are becoming increasingly popular.

网络平台 撮合 供需 ▎Internet platform " matching " supply and demand

SF Jointly Announced Handling to Get Involved in the Same Cargo Network Car Service, Focusing on Large Courier, Same City Freight, and Same City Delivery Services ... With the rapid growth of the personalized freight demand market, more and more businesses have begun to enter the "freight network" Car-request "market.

The rise of online platforms has brought more business to freight drivers. Master Wu, who runs freight in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region all year round, said that freight models generally require high levels of driver licenses and experience, and it is difficult for general customers to solve the problem of handling large amounts of luggage by self-driving, which is also a business opportunity targeted by truck drivers. The rise of online freight platforms can allow truck drivers to reach a wider range of customers and demand, increasing the probability of "matching" deals.

"Among them, there is still a certain difference between large-scale freight network appointment platforms such as the" Cargo Lara "and" Caravan "and traditional platforms that provide cargo driver information.

The former is more like Didi in the field of freight transportation. Drivers must also accept their rules and management after entering. For example, if the customer does not load the goods within 40 minutes after calling on these platforms, a waiting fee will be required to be paid according to regulations. , Including different models, different distances of freight price platforms also have corresponding regulations.

If you do not enter the platform, the price and waiting time are completely negotiated by the customer and the driver. Although the source of the passengers is relatively unstable, the driver's autonomy is greater. "Master Wu said.

Why can online car hire achieve rapid development in the freight field? Earlier this year, the "China Road Transport Big Data Report" issued by the Yunlian Research Institute and other institutions showed that the market size of China's road transport exceeds 6 trillion yuan.

From the perspective of capacity organization, the number of vehicles with a capacity of more than 12 tons in the entire network is 1.779 million, and the average number of registered vehicles per organization is 3.28. From the perspective of capacity organization distribution, 92.8% of the capacity organizations have 5 vehicles. With less than 100 vehicles, only 0.4% of the medium and large-scale fleets accounted for more than 100 vehicles.

Experts said that under the background of the "small, scattered, and chaotic" problem, "Internet car booking" realized efficient matching of goods and vehicles, effectively integrated transportation capacity, and turned the pain points of the industry into market opportunities.

市场规模相当可观。 At the same time, compared with the long-distance express market, the current city freight market size is considerable. There are predictions that by 2022, the market size will reach 1.7 trillion yuan, which will undoubtedly leave ample room for major online freight platforms to seize the beach.

▎Healthy operation calls for standardized management

It is worth noting that at the same time of rapid development, the car rental market has also exposed some problems, such as uneven quality of drivers, illegal body advertising, and questioned operating models.

Ma Jinya, a "post-90s" girl who has studied in Beijing, is an old user of the network freight platform. Every time she moves, she finds trucks and drivers through the network freight platform. She has experienced many platforms.

"I once contacted a truck to move from an online freight platform, but the driver had a poor service attitude and did not help unload the cargo after it was delivered to the destination. The unloading also required additional money. Moreover, when this driver encountered a traffic policeman, he also I'm particularly nervous and I don't know if I can qualify for cargo driving. "Ma Jinya said.

In addition to the driver itself, there are some non-compliances on the platform. For example, in order to increase their visibility and build their brand image, many online freight transport platforms require resident drivers to paste car platform stickers with platform logos on the body of their own trucks. Drivers will be punished if they do not paste logos.

On May 29 this year, the cargo platform was jointly interviewed by the Shanghai Transportation Commission Law Enforcement Corps, the Traffic Police Corps and the Urban Management Law Enforcement Department. They were ordered to rectify within one month and remove all illegal business advertisements on the body.

Industry insiders point out that compared with the travel market, the freight market has a lower frequency of demand and higher operating costs. Although it is not necessarily feasible to completely replicate the logic of the Internet-based ride-hailing in the travel field to the freight market, from the perspective of long-term healthy development of the industry, Standardized management and operation is imperative.

Li Liancheng, deputy director of the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation Research of the National Development and Reform Commission, told the author that the Internet has helped the logistics industry achieve efficient docking between the supply and demand sides of freight, better meet the fragmented freight needs of large, medium and small cargo owners and residents, and improve the efficiency of cargo circulation. This is the fundamental reason for the development of online freight platforms such as Cargo Lara.

At the same time, we must see that various problems in the development of new things are inevitable.

"For the problems of the emerging network freight platform, we should look at it from the perspective of development, make up loopholes in the development, not only create conditions conducive to the development of new things from the general environment, but also always pay attention to violations and improve relevant rules and regulations. Strengthen management. "