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Kumar horse “saves peace of mind” to accelerate the circulation of FMCG industry

At present, the proportion of FMCG consumption in household consumption is increasing day by day. However, due to the nature of the market and the fragmented and diversified trend of fast-moving channels, brand owners are unable to penetrate the market efficiently due to the inefficiency of channels and transportation systems. At the same time, channel dealers represented by distributors are facing various challenges such as rising operating costs, high self-built logistics investment, low distribution efficiency, high distribution costs, and difficult vehicle and driver management.

Therefore, capacity predictions close to the market and logistics services of the whole chain have become more and more important. It is the biggest demand of fast-moving companies to seek logistics providers who understand both technology and creative capacity and intensive services in the market.

和卡车租售,打造“智慧运力池”,不断升级传统运力,已陆续为各大电商、商超、和新零售等客户提供了包含快消品在内的各类高品质的城配服务。 For many years, Kuoma has cultivated the city for many years, straddling the same city logistics and truck rental and sales, creating a "smart capacity pool" and continuously upgrading traditional capacity. Various high-quality city distribution services including products.

Koma horse team

服务,以全国网络、超级运力池、标准运营、集约化管理,信息系统为核心能力,为经销商、分销商、渠道商提供资产处理、车队托管、第三方物流配送及增值服务,助力行业降本增效,实现物流轻资产、高效率运营,专注扩张核心业务。 The company upgraded its capacity and launched a new service product, “Easy to Match”, specifically targeting fast-moving consumer goods distribution services. With national network, super capacity pool, standard operation, intensive management, and information system as its core capabilities, it is a dealer and distributor. Channel providers provide asset processing, fleet custody, third-party logistics distribution and value-added services to help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency, realize logistics light assets, efficient operations, and focus on expanding core business.

SOP定制等一系列托管服务;并且深入市场,有效解决百货、商超、便利店、夫妻店、小店等交付场景痛点,提供高效、集约化第三方城配服务,让客户解放物流困扰;还可根据用户场景、需求提供个性化增值服务,如装卸、理货、码货、返单、代收货款、保险,以及在途监控、智能排线、路径优化、系统对接、车体广告等等。 "Problem with peace of mind" can be a national vehicle asset professional processing team, multi-channel and multi-plan vehicle price calculation, free on-site evaluation, second-hand car sales, assistance transfer services, etc., to protect the best interests of customers; at the same time, a professional project operation team for customers Provide a series of hosting services such as driver induction screening, training, vehicle scheduling, management standards, freight safety, KPI , SOP customization, etc .; and go deep into the market to effectively solve the pain points of delivery scenarios such as department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, mom and pop shops, and small shops. Efficient and intensive third-party city distribution services, freeing customers from logistics problems; also providing personalized value-added services based on user scenarios and needs, such as loading and unloading, tally, coded goods, return orders, collection of payment, insurance, and transit monitoring , Intelligent wiring, path optimization, system docking, car body advertising, etc.

Highlight the advantages of urban distribution services to further ensure service quality

While meeting intensive services, to meet today's new quality of service, essentially the city's distribution capacity needs to be upgraded. The horse horse upgrades the intelligent capacity pool. With large-scale capacity and technology as the front-end support, it provides indispensable capabilities to the fast-moving consumer industry and guarantees service quality.

Komaga logistics driver

Facing the demand for FMCG circulation properties that are more personalized, layered, and niche, Juma started with customer thinking, understood customer needs, and constantly sought for market fit. 个城市,超50万运力储备,强控运力池根据大数据预判市场对运力“波峰波谷”需求,实现物流最优调控,让车辆和司机调度可控化、和灵活化,提升服务、极速响应;同时,数据化、精细化运营场景来看,驹马自主研发管理系统,开放共享的物流+资产双SaaS系统,为物流配送、交付、仓配协同等环节提供技术支撑,充分将线上、线下融合,真正实现从下单到结算的闭环体验,让客户享受便捷、过程可视、轻松用车的体验。 In response to the lack of large-scale transportation capacity of FMCG distribution, Juma's transportation capacity covers 61 cities across the country, with a capacity of more than 500,000 . The strong control of the transportation capacity pool predicts the market ’s demand for “capacity and trough” based on big data, and achieves optimal logistics control To enable vehicle and driver dispatching to be controlled and flexible, improve service and respond quickly; at the same time, judging from the data and refined operation scenarios, Juma independently developed a management system and an open and shared logistics + asset dual SaaS system for Logistics distribution, delivery, warehouse coordination and other links provide technical support, fully integrate online and offline, and truly realize a closed-loop experience from ordering to settlement, allowing customers to enjoy a convenient, process-visible, and easy-to-use vehicle experience. Solve management and cost problems at one time.

家知名企业的选择和信赖。 With high-quality services, it has been selected and trusted by more than 10,000 well-known enterprises including JD.com, Wal-Mart, Retail Link, China Resources Vanguard, Shuanghui, etc.

In Komaga's view, the market is changing rapidly. Only by constantly maintaining an active upgrade state and improving the company's own advantages to enable the development of new city distribution, with diversified products and innovative genes to challenge various needs, can it interact with many formats such as FMCG Match and promote to create higher value for the market.