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Goldman Sachs Innovation Summit Bai Rubing wins "Asia's Most Disruptive Entrepreneur"

16-18日,由高盛主办的首届筑梦+变革|高盛创新亚洲峰会” (Builders+ Innovators Summit)在浙江宁波举行,作为世界级的顶级峰会,汇聚了近百位来自各行各业的企业家和经验丰富的商业权威思想领袖,围绕建设颠覆行业的创新持久型公司进行讨论,支持和协助新兴企业领军人物业务的不断发展。 On April 16-18 , the first " Builders + Innovators Summit " hosted by Goldman Sachs was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang. As a world-class top-level summit, nearly 100 people from various industries gathered Entrepreneurs and experienced business authority thought leaders discuss about building innovative and durable companies that disrupt the industry, supporting and assisting the emerging business leaders in the continuous development of their businesses.

The top summit first landed in Asia Bai Rubing was invited to attend and won the award

变革|高盛创新峰会创始于2012年,是高盛在美国举办的最成功的投资银行盛会之一,如今已成为投行界的一大盛事,今年峰会首次登陆亚洲。 It is reported that Goldman Sachs + Change | The Goldman Sachs Innovation Summit was founded in 2012 and is one of Goldman Sachs' most successful investment banking events in the United States. Now it has become a major event in the investment banking industry.

张磊、普洛斯联合创始人兼CEO梅志明、阿里巴巴联合创始人兼执行副主席蔡崇信、路威酩轩( LVMH )集团大中华区总裁吴越、滴滴出行总裁柳青等亚洲知名企业领军者纷纷到场。 Zhang Lei, founder and CEO of Gao Capital, Mei Zhiming, co-founder and CEO of ProLogis, Cai Chongxin, co-founder and executive vice chairman of Alibaba, Wu Yue, president of LVMH Group Greater China, Liu Qing, president of Didi Chuxing Leaders of well-known Asian companies have arrived. 白如冰受邀出席,并荣获2019亚洲最具颠覆力创业家殊荣。 The founder & CEO of Juma Group Bai Rubing was invited to attend and was awarded the " Asia's Most Disruptive Entrepreneur " in 2019 .

Today, the logistics industry is under a new wave. As a leader in the city's distribution industry, Bai Rubing has received considerable attention at this summit. 年的连续创业者,突出重围,带领了物流行业中最具多元化的优秀团队,多次开创了城市物流的先河。 As a 16- year serial entrepreneur, he has highlighted the siege and led the most diverse and outstanding team in the logistics industry, which has repeatedly created a precedent for urban logistics. 卡车”的跨界创新到改变司机从业模式,从传统物流生意到产融带动创业的迭代,创业团队到企业的转型升级……很多人都好奇,驹马的快速成长、对行业的积极影响、三年融资7轮,白如冰是怎么实现的? From "logistics + truck" cross-border innovation to changing the driver's business model, from traditional logistics business to the iteration of industry-finance-driven iterations, entrepreneurial teams to corporate transformation and upgrading ... Many people are curious, the rapid growth of the horse and horse, the industry Positive impact, 7 rounds of financing in three years, how did Bai Rubing achieve it? Viewing himself and the industry with the "investor pattern" and using the "ground gas" of businessmen to achieve corporate performance have made this "Asia's most disruptive" entrepreneur today.

Goldman Sachs Innovation Summit

Bai Rubing: The road to entrepreneurship must be "change" and learn to "brake"

For many years, Bai Rubing has been growing and transforming. In his opinion, if you follow the rules and regulations and follow the rules, you will either go too slowly or you will become one of the many entrepreneurial forces and end up doing nothing. Therefore, from the traditional businessman to the city entrepreneur, to the car-breaker today, Bai Rubing has always been doing things around his "change-seeking" gene.

Komaga Logistics is white as ice

白如冰 * Bai Rubing, Founder & CEO of Juma Group

From him, we see the quality of a successful entrepreneur, dare to taste 'new', adapt to the trend, decisive strategic decisions, grasp the rapid growth of the pulse of the market, this gene has also been perfectly penetrated into the entire company's corporate style. Today, under the leadership of Bai Rubing, Juma has developed into a city distribution operator with its own national coverage. It is favored by capital and trusted by customers and teams.

总裁陈黎女士看来:“小白就像一个'社会大学'的博士,有着对社会和行业、人性敏锐的洞察和理解,对公司自身的快速自省力和判断力,花最多的时间去看、去想,用最简单的方式去做。在创业道路上,他顺着自己独有的逻辑,在不同阶段果断作出正确的决策布局。” To her many years of entrepreneurial partners, Ms. Chen Li, Co-founder & President of the Horse and Horse Group, said: "Xiao Bai is like a doctor of a 'social university ' . He spends most of his time looking, thinking, and doing it in the simplest way. On the road of entrepreneurship, he follows his unique logic and makes decisive decisions at different stages. "

年初,正当驹马刚刚完成了一轮漂亮的巨额融资,不走常规路的白总又抛出了“创业路上学会踩刹车”的观点。 At the beginning of 2019 , just when Komaga had just completed a beautiful round of huge financing, President Bai, who did not follow the conventional road, again throws out the view of "learning to brake on the road to entrepreneurship". "Why step on the brakes. When a racer with a strong sense of road and car runs to the peak, the role of the brakes is to make this car run faster and safer on the circuit. This is what this horse will do this year. thing."

In this year, we have seen more of Bai Rubing leading the horse and the horse to keep improving the service quality, focusing on business, operation and technology. The refined operation and upgrade of product and service models, the improvement and innovation of the system, the penetration and enhancement of the driving force of data intelligence, and the continuous layout around the industrial distribution, new energy, and car manufacturing industries. And external forces, and constantly improve competitive advantage. "In the face of the trillion-dollar market, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Not only must we continue to maintain the" wolf spirit "of startup companies, but we must also steadfastly cultivate the" internal skills ". The road to entrepreneurship must not only be 'change' and speed up It is even more important to learn to "brake" and seek stability. "Bai Rubing talked about the future, his eyes were like a torch.